The architecture of doghouses.
Example Citation:
I'm sure with barkitecture just taking off, the next generation of doghouses will be designed with individual breeds in mind. The house of a boxer will come with a weight room and speed bag; Irish setters will have Guinness on tap in the Pooch Pub; and Border collies will have a small tract of lush grassland out back where they'll keep their own herd of sheep.
— William J. Thomas, The Dog Rules, Key Porter Books, 2000
Earliest Citation:
"Builder Rick Blumenthal was putting the finishing touches on a little piece of canine heaven, a red cedar estate called 'Go Woo.'... The house will be auctioned off, along with nine other custom doghouses, at a 'Barkitecture' gala on Saturday to benefit the Progressive Animal Welfare Society of Bainbridge Island."
— Lynn Steinberg, "How much is that doghouse in the window?," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 22, 1999
This is one of those silly coinages that, I'm sorry to say, I just can't seem to resist. (However, you should see the ones I reject!) It welds together bark and architecture, with a result that is euphonious, if nothing else. If this word has even the slightest bit of popularity, it's because a book named Barkitecture was published in April, 1999. However, the earliest citation found its way into print just before that.
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